The Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Historia Review

The Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Historia Review

Betty and Sue review
The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia
Publisher : Dark Horse
Pages : 276
Release Date : 29 January 2013
Price : 33GBP/35USD

Ok people, we will be reviewing The Legend Of Zelda Hyrule Historia, but first a little house keeping. You need to know that we don’t really care for books, or even Zelda or Link, or whoever. We’re cats, and naturally have no use for books, or games. Actually i’m not even sure how we are reviewing this book, we can’t even count. I don’t even know where Sue is. Nevertheless, here we are and here we go.

Big green book

The Legend of Zelda : Hyrule Historia is the first part in a trilogy of titles dedicated to everyone’s favourite little green hero action series adventure game. The second book being Arts and Artefacts followed by the Zelda Encyclopaedia. Each of which has a special limited/collectors edition, some of you may be lucky enough to own. The limited edition of this book is covered in faux leather with an embossed gate of time, has gold gilded pages and only saw 4000 made (although it contains no additional content – you may be pleased to hear). If some of you can’t resist, i’m sure eBay is willing to help you part ways with a whole hunk of change.

Stay indoors Link, maybe read this review.

Hyrule Historia weighs in at a hefty 276 pages, and consists of three main sections, The Legend Begins, dedicated to Skyward Sword, The History Of Hyrule, which I’ll wager most people we be very excited about as it describes the official timeline of the events within the Zelda games and Creative Footprints, showcasing 25 years of artwork. Outside of these sections we have a cute intro from Miyamoto a final word from Eiji Aonuma and an exclusive Zelda manga.  The (standard) book itself is nice and hefty coloured in Link green with golden lettering and imagery. At least that’s what people tell me.

The first section, is entirely dedicated to Skyward Sword. There are pages and pages of concept art, design notes and other bits and pieces from the development team describing all aspects of the game, from the flora and fauna, inhabitants the world etc. All fascinating stuff if you’re into that kind of thing.

we’ve all been there

Next, we move onto the History Of Hyrule. Lots of confused people have now has been made unconfused with this official timeline. Here Nintendo weave an intricate plot(s) included all/most (maybe) of the main games describing how they fit in the overall timeline, oh, there are multiple timelines. Something about triforce, something about ocarinas. It’s so detailed it makes my head hurt.

Creative Footprints, gives us development artwork, concept sketches and game design from the Zelda games. We get to look at mucho character design and other interesting little-known facts dotted here and there.

Did you know that link was supposed to be right handed, but to help out in the game he was made left handed, and that the Ancient Hero guy in Twighlight Princess was left handed.


The final section is a 32 page manga comic, which nicely rounds off this book. It serves a short prelude to Skyward Sword and features some stunning artwork (the majority of which is black and white). Remember – read from right to left.

Final Thoughts

I’m a cat. Why should I care so much about anything.


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