Warhammer 40K Kill Team Preview

By The Emperor’s Will

Games Workshop is poised to release Warhammer 40K Kill Team, available for pre-order on the 21st July. Originally released as an expansion, this version of Kill Team is a fully realised brand new Warhammer 40K game brought to you by the Shadespire team. The focus of the game is on fast paced skirmish battles, with a band of elite hand picked troops.

War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

Character Customisation

One of the key and coolest features of Kill Team lies in its character customisation mechanism. Games Workshop have cleverly introduced RPG style upgrade skill trees that allow you to create specialist troop types within your chosen Kill Team. As you play one-off missions or campaigns, your troops can level up and develop their skills even further. The player is also encouraged to customise the lore and narrative of your team. The rule book (included in the starter set) even allows you to generate names and backgrounds of your unit, down to individual troop quirks and  demeanour.

 skill tree

Core concepts

Alternating Activation Rather than the ridged phases you may be used to in Warhammer 40K, Kill Team introduces alternating activations – where in some phases you’ll take it in turns to use each of your fighters,  allowing for more dynamic play.

Play Area The play area has been reduced to 22 by 30 inches, allowing for more tightly packed frantic games.

Tactics Similar to Stratagems, Tactics are a new mechanic allowing you activate unique abilities. Choose carefully as a well timed activation may turn the tide of the battle.

In The Box

Box contents

Confirmed Kill Teams

In the run up to the release of Kill Team, Warhammer Community will be releasing more information on each of the available factions – stay tuned for our faction focus articles – Part 1 Adeptus Mechanicus/Orks.

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